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Health Benefits

Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3

Omega-3 vs Omega-6

Fatty acid myth
Omega-6 and Omega-3 are familiar with the two fatty acids, many people know that red meat in the oil, most of the Omega-6 fatty acids, may cause cardiovascular disease, and linseed seeds, deep-sea fish oil contains Omega-3, can help prevent the accumulation of blood vessels, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, these two fatty acids are essential nutrients the body, the focus is on the proportion of intake.
In the case of
The human body does not manufacture Omega-6 and Omega-3, but are recognized as essential fatty acids, so be sure to take from food to maintain good health in the typical Western diet, the two fatty acids The proportion of intake may be 15: 1, and may even be as high as 50: 1, but the best intake rate should be achieved with 1: 1 intake of human evolution, so that very unbalanced ingestion may lead to hardening of the arteries, Heart disease, hormonal imbalance, or autoimmune diseases, these are the key to causing physical harm.

Omega-6 and Omega-3 role
Omega-6 containing a lot of food, such as nuts, cereals, meat, etc., and soybean oil, corn oil and other oil, commonly used in processed foods. Omega-6's physiological effects, including the regulation of metabolic functions, promote immune response (start the inflammatory response, resistance to bacteria), and promote platelet aggregation (to help coagulation), mainly to protect the role of cells
In the case of
Omega-3 is relatively rare in food, the typical Western diet is rarely taken, but its function is also an important hero to maintain good health, including the reduction of abnormal inflammation, the prevention of excessive blood inflammation, improve the reaction of insulin, Improve the health of the cell membrane, and regulate the production of the prostate, rich in Omega-3 foods such as linen, walnut and canola oil, and deep-sea fish oil, are able to maintain the normal operation of the body.

Source of intake
Flax is rich in important polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which is effective against cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis, and can inhibit the excessive proportion of another unsaturated fatty acid omega-6 in the human body. However, its unsaturated double bond Easy to be oxidized and lose efficacy, so the development of the device so that linen can be carried out in an anaerobic environment, grinding shell packaging for efficient use.


Only rice 1/3 of the sugar load
Yanmi sugar index is only 2/3 of rice, and carbohydrates and only 1/2 of the rice, the product of the two is the proportion of rice and sugar load, that is, with the amount of rice Rice (a bowl of swam vs a bowl of rice) after eating only by the impact of 1/3 insulin secretion, coupled with the following description of Yanmi has a high sense of satiety, so that people worry about consumption of blood sugar, diabetes, Do not need to take the same amount of rice and rice will be full of rice, the two multiply each meal can expect the total sugar load is less than 1/3. So to stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risk of T2DM (type 2 diabetes), on average with insulin resistant type 2 diabetes patients if the rice instead of rice, you can expect a large number of insulin dose reduction.

Low heat food, with a high sense of satiety
A number of studies have confirmed that Y-Y peptides in Yanmi can increase hunger and enhance the sense of filling, and achieve the control of appetite.
The Rebello report also points out that eating breakfast with the same oatmeal can last longer without eating.

Provide a lot of dietary fiber
Soluble dietary fiber: cholesterol-lowering LDL (low-density cholesterol).
Insoluble Dietary Fiber: Promotes gastrointestinal motility.
The study showed that eating more than 10 grams of dietary fiber daily can directly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 10%.

With a large number of cereals within the protein composition

Do not contain bran
Milk deer is a kind of opposite bran caused by the immune system disorders, it will cause damage to the intestinal wall of the small intestine and inflammation, asymptomatic milk deodorant immune disorders, the number of patients far greater than their own understanding.

Yan rice with lignan (lignan)
Metabolism into enteric ketones, can inhibit breast cancer, can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cancer.


Is an antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damage and thus reduce cardiovascular disease.

Yanmi has a lot of dextran (Beta-Glucan)
Is a safe neutral fiber molecule that is effective against immune system-related diseases such as lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and enzyme-related allergies that have been shown to assist in the delivery of narcotics Granulocyte white blood cells to the inflammatory site and eliminate invasive bacteria.
Reported that dextran 2 - 19% of total cholesterol with low - density cholesterol 4 - 23% reduction has been announced by the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, health authorities for effective prevention of cardiovascular disease, its tolerable diet Fiber can also slow down the absorption of sugar in food and thus effectively control blood sugar. According to Harvard University survey of 21,000 people found that one person only one day to eat a bowl of oats, can reduce the incidence of heart disease 29%.

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